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​Saved to Serve Ministry


Evangelism is one of the key of our mission. We need to let people know that there is only one way to live eternally which is Jesus the Lord. By doing this, we want to copy and execute the same thing he has done in his ministry. IN order to listen to the word of God, we believe people must be in good shape. Those who are in need have to be heard and seen. We are preaching the Gospel with actions.

    us:   239-4003170

Haiti: 509-37762734

        : 509-39494663

For less than a meal a day, you ca

save lives

by feeding a family  ​or helping a child to grow and have his dreams come true.

At MELCHA, no one is left behind.Our mission consist to help people to get out of their miserable situation. it is a one time Help for the elder. Whenever we make an intervention to help an elder, we are making sure that we help him/her to stand and walk.Ouance we guide him to the road with means to start walking, we turn our focus on someone else.


At MELCHa, we care about the children. We have developed some activities where the children can become professional. Not only we are looking to feed them , give them the education they deserve, but also, we want to make sure that at the end , every single child can become self sufficient by being able to use the tools that we equipped them to  take care of them self .

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